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[ Ero-nins. ]

Oiroke no Jutsu

The Hidden Village of Hentai
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Naruto hentai

A community for hentai inspired by the series Naruto. You may post anything here from images to links, fanfiction and fanart, so long as it's ecchi. Even suggestive is welcome.

A few guidelines:
[1.] Post all images under cuts, you may leave teaser image thumbnails up so long as they're small and don't show anything graphic.
[2.] Leave warnings for hentai of the sensitive type, anything you believe might not be someone else's thing. [i.e. intense Shota/Lolicon, Guro.] Yaoi/yuri doesn't count as it should be obvious by pairing name.
[3.] If what you're posting isn't your work and you know whose it is, please credit the artist/writer.
[4.] All kinks are allowed. Don't bash others for their preferences--if you don't like it, press the little 'x' in the upper right-hand corner.
[5.] If you're unsure if something you wish to submit has been submitted before, go right ahead and submit it. I understand that the community has gone quite a long ways now so I don't expect everyone to go through every old post--even I forget sometimes and repost a little.

This community is moderated by shinjirou.